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Glamorous Destination Wedding Photography

A wedding is a sacred union of two souls and a lovely bond between two individuals who agree to stay forever and also a harmonious relationship between two families. A wedding is a long process and also an expensive affair. In some cultures, the total wedding ceremony may be continued for a week and there are also different segments like Mehendi, Sangeet, Haldi, etc. In short, a wedding is an extraordinary event where you have so much to do and undoubtedly your picture for that day should be well captured. From traditional rituals to the grand entry of the Groom, and iconic poses in bridal attire, tiny details of every happy moment should preserve well by capturing them perfectly.

What is a Destination Wedding?

A destination Wedding is a type where the wedding event is organized at a destination far away from the home. The bride and groom, their families, friends and other guests stay there for about a week and all the rituals and traditional customs related to the wedding are performed at that place.

If you are planning a Destination Wedding, then it would be great to do thorough research about the wedding venue, accommodation, wedding budget, and of course the photographer.

The Specialty in Destination Wedding Photography

A wedding is the starting of a new era, a new segment of life. All the moments and happiness of that day need to be presented in a very elegant but professional manner. That’s why the client expects a certain level of professionalism and expertise from the photographer. We, the team of Sparkling Wedding Photography provides the best creative and excellent photographers who will make your day memorable.

Traditional Vs Destination Wedding Photography

Conceptually, a Traditional Wedding and a Destination Wedding are almost similar in every way but they are quite different from each other practically. When you think to choose this particular type of wedding, you should be very clear about certain points which are described below,

Perfect Locations:

The concept of a Destination Wedding over the Traditional one is getting popular because of the spectacular background and iconic scenery. When you choose this type of striking background it gets very easy for a wedding photographer to capture mind-blowing shots.

Emphasize the Candid Shots:

A journey with the photographer’s team always makes you comfortable as compared to a direct meeting with the traditional photographer on the main wedding day. Natural conversation between you and your destination wedding photographer gives better comfort level and easiness.

Necessary Qualities Must Have in a Destination Wedding Photographer

Be a professional wedding photographer:

Destination Wedding Photography is a combination of adventurous travel photography clubbed with the main vibes of wedding photography itself. A talented and professional destination wedding photographer who already has some experience in that particular field should be your first preference.

Creative and Experimental:

Photography is a type of art that is based on vision and creativity. As a photographer, you must have lots of creative ideas to create unique moments for your clients. You must try different themes and ideas and should open your mind to new experiments.

Good Management Skills:

Nowadays, Wedding Photography is becoming one of the popular fields to showcase one’s creativity. That’s why it’s now a challenging vocation also. When you travel alone or with a team for a Destination Wedding shoot, you must keep in your mind that you will be away from your known place for most of the days. That requires compact planning including monetary arrangement and time management skills also.

Flexible and Cooperative:

These are the most important qualities must have in a destination wedding photographer. A wedding is a long process in which you may face errors, delays, situational faults, and other changes. Your perseverance and cooperation can make those moments funny and beautiful.

Best Destination Wedding Locations in India

India is the land of cultural heritage and diversity. Over the years innumerable styles of art, architecture, different dance forms, music, paintings, traditions, customs, etc. have developed in this country and this large variety represents our uniqueness in front of the whole world.

India has countless locations for iconic destination wedding shoots. If the client wishes for an elegant royal destination wedding, then Rajasthan must be at the top of the list. The majestic royal buildings surrounded by beautiful lakes, and the true vibes of Rajasthani culture can create magic in your dream destination wedding. Some places in Rajasthan like Udaipur, Jaipur, etc. are now the most trendy locations for Destination Weddings in India.

Goa is another popular destination wedding location loved by many couples. Beautiful beaches and mind-blowing sunset will enrich the beauty of the background.

Why Hire a Team of TSW for Your Destination Wedding Photography?

TSW provides extremely talented and creative destination wedding photographers who will definitely deliver the best output as much as possible. The Sparkling Wedding team is one of the best teams of wedding photographers in Kolkata. We have detailed expertise in the field of Indian weddings and we will also provide some innovative ideas for destination wedding locations that surely blew your mind.

We know that it will never be possible to recreate such moments which you will feel on the day of your wedding. So, those moments will always be very precious. Before starting the new chapter you should plan thoroughly for your d-day. Except for destination wedding photography, TSW also works as the Pre-Wedding or Candid Wedding Photographer. We are popularly known for our best Candid Wedding Photography and Pre Wedding Photo-shoot.

Your Dream Destination Wedding Comes True

We know the right way to create the perfect destination weddings for our lovely clients. We have some extremely talented and best destination wedding photographers who have specialized expertise in this particular field. So, we can assure you our team will work with full dedication and provide the best possible output to you. TSW, the house of best wedding photographers in Kolkata is well known for our wedding photography services. For detailed information, please go through our website.

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TSW is the house of best pre wedding photoshoot Kolkata

Along with pre-wedding photography, we have an experienced team of Pre Wedding photographer in Kolkata to perfectly capture each and every moment of your important events and satisfy your requirements to make your dream wedding come true.

We provide budget-friendly best wedding packages also. For detailed information, please check our website thoroughly.  Our photography team puts all the effort to make your pre-wedding photo album look the coolest and most unique one. Our team is very professional and flexible and we devote ourselves totally in our work. We choose the best locations for your pre-wedding photoshoot. The uniquely creative pre-wedding photoshoots that we do in Kolkata work magically to impress our clients.

Our photography team puts all the effort to make your pre-wedding photo album look the coolest and most unique one. Our team is very professional and flexible and we devote ourselves totally in our work. We choose the best locations for your pre-wedding photoshoot. The uniquely creative pre-wedding photoshoots that we do in Kolkata work magically to impress our clients.

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