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Wedding Photography

As you and your wedding story are priceless, your wedding photography should be equally unique.

The Sparkling Wedding team of experienced photographers remain unnoticed behind their lenses. But, they capture all those cherished moments and emotions of your wedding silently. Didn’t you always wished to frame those excitements in your candid wedding photography album ? Our crew members never forget to include the dynamic moments with family and friends of the soon-to-be-wed couple in their story line. Still, their main focus revolves around the beauty and glory of the bride and the elegance and charm of the groom.

Photos are memories. Memories which are priceless, locked in frame, forever. And no need to mention, wedding memories are some of the best memories in one’s life. The preparation in the mind of the soon-to-be-together couple starts long before the actual wedding day. The friends and family are equally excited. We don’t want to forget any single moment of this festive days. Our team is happily with you to take care of capturing all the very best moments throughout the ceremony, starting from day you want. The Sparkling Wedding photographs your wedding story passionately with utmost dedication and sincerity. Our professional wedding photography team in Kolkata has an excellence in candid photography. They  take care of capturing your best moments with love and care. Therewith, they apply their expertise to  make your fond memories as beautiful as possible. They provide you the finest quality images and videos in terms of creativity, composition and content.

Here, take a short tour to see what we shoot: