Rinki and Arindam have a beautiful story around them. They introduce themselves as friends first time. To find a good match around them they both log in to a popular matrimonial sight. Rinki by profession herself a photographer meets Arindam working in a multinational company. They have an incredible romantic anecdote behind their marriage. Truly an amazing experience. Actually, they were maintaining a long-distance relationship. And frequently they were in touch though they were thousands of miles far from each other. That is the real chemistry between the two persons. May they get apart by borders and visas but their hearts were so close to keeping such a beautiful relationship.  After meeting in the matrimonial site they use to talk a little bit and they start to like each other. Rinki was then in Assam for her study at Fashion Institute. Suddenly one fine morning Arindam called Rinki and asked to open the window.

He got a little bit filmy there and voila! There was Arindam on the road with a rucksack on his back. Rinki was bound to come and she had to respond to Arindam’s surprise, romantic visit. She came down with wonder and of course, with a broad, cute, and sweet smile and Arindam there made his proposal asked for her hand in marriage. They were very serious and sincere about their relationship thus parents of both parties were informed shortly. They are extremely lucky to have wonderful parents. Later Arindam has to go to North Carolina for his job. Still, they maintain a sweet relationship and understanding. The distance makes their love strong and better while Rinki joined her study in Kolkata for Fashion Photography. And when the D-day comes they take their vows to spend their life with each other in love and appreciation. We all have a shady thoughts over long-distance relations but Arindam and Rinki are exceptional. They never let their understanding low and enhance the sweetness in their relationship and now settled in North Carolina.