Sagar and Jyoti fall in love with each other in none but a public place in Kolkata. You may think how regular is their story? Yes, they have a regular story and regular catfights but they make themselves a beautiful couple. First sight was not enough for them so they met for couple of times to know each other better. And there was the magic. They fall in love as Jyoti has nice pair of eyes and Sagar’s cute smiles. To Sagar, Jyoti is the life and that eternal bonding of hearts lead them to announce their marriage after the five years of their dating each other. It is true that their way was not so smooth or rough but they really have a great understanding and result of this they get married. Even Sagar felt no difficulty going to Bangalore simply to melt the ice of Jyoti’s mind. Marriage is considered as an event done by heavenly bodies so they moved along their ups and downs, complained and reunited. Actually, they faced every little emotion in their relationship and that made their relationship strong. They both defined themselves as short-tempered and grumpy, and at the same time, they proved themselves the truth of their relationship and how much they know each other. By overcoming their all faults, Sagar and Jyoti accept the lifelong bonding of marriage. They convinced their parents and the elders had showered their blessings on them. Maybe the story of Sagar and Jyoti is too common to hear still, they celebrate their love, understanding, trust and smoothen the path of their future to live in love.