They both are crazy football lovers. And there started their colourful journey of life during watching a Football Match. Coincidently they both are Arsenal supporters. Again in a coincidence they met there and the love story began. We never know what our destiny has arranged for us next. When we think our life is too uncertain their miracles happen always. Santanu is a pure Bengali guy and Fiona, a shopping lover from Korea. Football made their pair. They met in Arsenal for a couple of times. When they got familiar, Fiona asked Santanu something funny, “How many children do you have?” Santanu was surprised to get a strange interrogation from beautiful Fiona and he informed her about his bachelor phase. Fiona was entirely captured in Santanu’s charm and on the other hand, Sntanu was quite pleased with her. Fiona is truly a lovely girl finds her choices of life partner in him. After a good deal of courtship they agreed to marry finally. Santanu comes from Bengali family with Bengali father and Madwadi mother. So basically Santanu would not to be in much difficulty to arrange his marriage with Fiona. The Bong guy and beautiful Korean woman tied the knot. Santanu by heart is too lovable and caring towards Fiona. The bride also enjoys Santanu’s company. The mehendi looked nice on Fiona’s hand and eagerly she executed all the Indian rituals by heart. Fiona and Santanu convey the message of togetherness though they belong from different countries and culture; even they have difference of language. But what they do? They manage it positively by respecting and circulating their love for one and another. Shopaholic Fiona becomes the bride of Kolkata not only did shopping but also got flattered by traditional ritual of Indians for ages.