When Netherland meets Kolkata the story begins. Here comes the story made in fairyland. The two met in Netherlands: the land of Dutch. People believe the pair is made in heaven thus one must find him or her loved ones or the perfect one. Tridib and Smriti both were in Netherland only by fate and chance. Their destiny fixed their encounter in far of land from India. They had met each other first time on a local Bengali dinner. Though Tridib has been living in Holland and Smriti came to his life as a gust of wind while spending her holidays in Netherlands during her Ph.D in Portugal. Smriti’s visiting the Dutch land changed her life in some moments. Not only did Smriti but also Tridib’s life was in a rollercoaster ride. The two Bengali love birds met several times and continued dating for three years. Both families were happy to get each other far away land. When their dating session over they finally decide to tie a knot in marriage. Such a beautiful ambience of this marriage. The ceremony was great as they were having Indo-Western style of marriage. Tridib, an eligible bachelor in town tied knot with Smriti in Dutch wedding  style where only the closest friends and family members were included from two regarding families. Later comes the grand Bengali marriage – family members, friends, lots of fun and grand feast. Their parents were mostly in organising work and conveyed their blessings to them. The story of Smriti and Tridib is story of meeting Destiny. Without realizing what will happen next, they met and came together for life. If you believe in fate or destiny you must believe and live their story.