Sayantan and sangita, they are the remembrance of college classics. The duo met in JIS Engineering College at Kalyani, they were the students of same batch. Sangita came from Maldah, West Bengal and Sayantan was the boy from Kolkata. Sayantan was completely captured by her charm where sangita was out of every emotion. Days were like that, Sayantan waited here and there for her and Sangita ignored him again and again. There was a liking from each side but it was like a charming game that when they both would be confessing their love. Days went, Sangita was staying in girls’ hostel and Syantan was in a mess. The repeated attempt of Sayantan made realise Sangita that they must go along together. In those couple of years they started dating, went in several places, met in Public places and were having a great fun. They were so attached to each other that they maintained a long distance relation. After completing B.Tech, Sangita started her study for job and the other got a job at TCS Multinational Company. Sangita also became a banking person in Maldah. They were very and comfortable in their relationship. Even their parents were aware about their relation. They were happy for their decisions. There was no confusion at all—all is well condition. The decision was taken by them, Sayantan proposed his lady to marry. There was the ‘YES’ from the girl and everything was set entirely. In their college ages, they were not sure of having a strong bonding between the, not even they thought of marriage. The situation was changed after several years of their friendship and trust. The ignorance changed in love and love converted in a happy marriage. The story started in small town and it will continue for years with their acute trust, love, patience and understanding and celebrate their joy of togetherness.