When we describe someone’s story of their meeting or their marriage, the story isn’t story like tales or fables… we write about their life history and they possess innate emotion all around it. Ritam and Ahana, the pair belongs to Kolkata, the city of love. Their story of encounter is funny one. They met in a shopping mall and the trouble turned out. During shopping they mistakenly exchanged their bags as they were making payment side by side in a counter. After realising their mistake, they both were searching for the right person in the mall: that was the difficult one. But at the exit, when Ritam was talking to his friend about this ‘exchange story’, Ahana was just there crossing by him coincidentally. It was like wild guess for Ahana but she was right. They properly then exchange their bags and being sorry Ahana treated both with a coffee. The coffee session was over. by their little chitchat they both were convinced that they might talk little bit as they both were working in private sectors. Then they exchanged their phone numbers and their love story had caught the right track. After several years of their dating, finally, they united. On a fine evening, the beautiful marriage took place with the blessings of elders. The parents were overwhelmed for such a nice couple. The surrounding was covered with roses, lilies, orchids. There was tuneful music of sehnnai. Between the flashing of lights, cameras, laughter, sacred chanting Ritam and Ahana made themselves the couple of lifetime.  If heaven makes couple then they are really good matchmakers as they give the two people chance to know together in a long journey of life. And it is true that Ahana and Ritam are the best choice for each other.